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Webflow Conf 2023
Let's flow together.

Which city has everyone chosen?

🎵 I wanna be where the people are...

Why is it better to flow together?

All of the scheduled activities will be educational and exciting - but when the agenda is done for the day, everyone wants to know where people are hanging out. These cities are massive and can be overwhelming if you aren't familiar with where to go and how to get around safely. Additionally, parking can be a challenge and transportation costs will add up.

We wanted to create a space that allowed Webflowers to share where they will be staying in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and London to make networking easier, cheaper, and safer for everyone.

Meet Up

Time is limited, make it easier to meet up with other Webflowers.

Save Cash

Save time & money by reducing transportation distance.

Be Safe

Gain strength in numbers and move around the city as a squad.

Have Fun

Spend less time on logistics and more time having fun.

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